Dairy House Pakistan is an authorized sole dealer of AGROMASTERS, a company from Greece which has been serving comprehensive in field of milking systems & farm equipment since 1983. Agromasters specialized in design and manufacture of a wide range of milking systems for cows, sheep goats & camels & other farm equipment like Automatic manure scrapers, & feeding systems.

Dairy House Pakistan's priority is the choice of qualitative and flexible systems in order to ensure fast and efficient milking, but always with the most competitive prices in the market. Our equipment certified as quality management system en ISO 9001:2000 for manufacturing, marketing, installation of milking systems and units of livestock farming. Agromasters has more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in milking systems industry with exports in more than 20 countries in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East.

Dairy House Pakistan main activity is concentrated on the development of high quality:

Dairy House Pakistan offers a complete range of milking parlours, from the most traditional types up to the most technologically advanced solutions, with both standard and customized options able to suit any breeder's requirements.

Dairy House Pakistan's milking equipment kingdom


The trolleys engineered by AGROMASTERS not only represent the simplest and most economic milking systems, but they are also perfectly suitable for small-size farms. Their components are tailored to fully satisfy all operator's needs:

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In the bucket milking system capital investment, running costs, labour productivity and milking performance are minimal; this is deemed to be the most economic system against good economic return in milk production.

Bucket milking system may be recommended for small-sized cattle stations.

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RTS milk transportation allows on-the-premises milking and automatic transport to the cooling tank.

Dairy House Pakistan offers pipeline milking systems complete with all components (milking, vacuum, pulsation & cleaning) suitable for both small and big cattle stations.

Working time in case of installation RTS is reduced compared with the bucket milking system thanks to having eliminated the manual operation of emptying buckets.

The pipeline is located at a maximum height of 2 m above the trough and is inclined to encourage the inflow to the pipe.

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Herringbone milking parlours allow managing cows by groups and benefiting from lower investment expenses, less operators' interventions in the pit, and very simple equipment.

Herringbone stall parlours are provided with the following standard features:

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Parallel rapid exit milking parlours are currently the most requested milking systems and the most modern ones as well.

Milking is performed from the cow's rear side. Cows are placed perpendicularly to the edge of the milking pit, so that operators are behind the animals.

The group entrance is followed by individual labeling at the milking stall.

Dejection of manure is collected by means of an elevated gutter placed behind the cow from the stall level.Cattle release may be carried out from the front by pneumatic front discharge gates with 90° elevation.

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Dairy House Pakistan has full in house capability for developing designs & schematic layouts of milking parlour pit, holding area, milk room & animal trafficking.

For decades AGROMASTERS has been providing the advisory on barn planning & layout drawings for dairy farms. Serving areas for completely new projects, barn extensions renovations etc.

The global customer project support team is active in all markets through the AGROMASTERS local sales organizations. In some markets the team is also providing expert consultancy and dairy farm advisory services.

Together with our products we are a step ahead when total system solutions count to meet the needs and expectations of today's farmers. Dairy House Pakistan® is always the right choice for up-to-date, sustainable and value creating system solutions in livestock farming.

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