Consumables: Hoof Care


Strong, slightly curved knives with its tip turned laterally on itself to form a tunnel. The flat part of the blade is used to trim the bottom of the hoof wall and the curved part to make grooves or cut holes. Ergonomically shape designed handle made of wood to work without fatigue. Our all knives are pre-sharpened. All handle and blade combinations are available in left or right-hand configuration. All blades are available in standard two-inch or one and three-quarter inch lengths.


Antibacterial and fungicide preparation preventing from the hoof problems. Precisely selected ingredients strengthen and care the hoof, help healing them. Proven bactericidal efficacy under high soiling conditions.

Core benefits


This hoof bandage is a complete bandage, ready to apply. It is made of a water repelling material that keeps unwanted liquids out. After application of the bandage you still have the option of applying another dose of gel, since the bandage design lets you check the progress of the treatment whenever you want. It is used to bandage the wounds and protects against abrasion.


A clean hoof is the first step to make your treatment work optimal! Hoof wash is a manual hoof washer that makes it easy to wash. It comes standard with a tank where water and hoof cleaning products can be mixed. This makes it easy to clean the hoofs on a large group of cows quickly on a walk through lane.

Together with our products we are a step ahead when total system solutions count to meet the needs and expectations of today's farmers. Dairy House Pakistan® is always the right choice for up-to-date, sustainable and value creating system solutions in livestock farming.

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