About Dairy House Pakistan

Dairy House Pakistan® is sister concern company of Naseem Traders International (NTI). NTI a company duly established in Pakistan serving poultry, dairy & livestock sectors since 1994. NTI imports products for cattle and poultry from USA & several European countries having main concern of livestock health having its distribution in whole Pakistan. NTI has established 7 offices in major cities of Pakistan, including head office at Rawalpindi, to cover the whole territory of Pakistan.

NTI has at present, sufficient qualified staff to cover marketing / sales and additional staff for administrative duties. Dairy and Poultry marketing are being conducted through separate arrangements. The dairy products mainly cover the nutritional aspect of cattle. The products provide coverage for mycotoxins, immunity, energy deficient, general animal health, silage inoculant, yeast and few others. Few products for calves health are also being marketed. For further information please log on to www.naseemtraders.com

Dairy House Pakistan® is working now as a separate dairy wing of NTI having alliance with several European companies. Main objective is to facilitate farmers & dairy farm operations in Pakistan.

Dairy House Pakistan can handle complete dairy farm site builds in areas of;

We are a team of highly qualified professionals having experience in pure localized dairy farming giving adaptive global solutions. Our highly trained team is committed to provide a safe working environment for all persons permitted to be on site. All effort will be made to keep the site clear of any needless obstruction to avoid any risk to these people. We shall comply with all safety regulations.

The dairy equipment marketed by Dairy house Pakistan is manufactured to assure a long working life, to reduce waste of the spare-parts and to optimize its maintenance time.

Everything is converted into quality.

Dairy House Pakistan's continuous research, the use of carefully selected materials, after several quality controls and the use of components from leading companies, contribute to deliver top quality equipment to the customer.

We have our warehouse located nearby our Lahore office.